The natural elements of fire and wood in an essential contemporary harmony,
enhanced by technical research and craftsmanship.

Artu’ is a chestnut wood-burning outdoor fire pit.

The natural elements of fire and wood are combined together in a simple and modern way, thanks to technology and craftsmanship.

A sculpturesque furnishing element, Artu’ fireplace lives in every outdoor situation where an important stage presence is required.

Ideal for open spaces, gardens, parks, terraces, hotel outdoor areas, golf clubs and so on.



Top:Antique Chestnut wood,
recovered and treated with heat
and steam without chemical additives.
Structure: Steel.


Supplied with closing top, useful for isolating combustion residue.
With the dedicated stainless steel grill kit (sold separately)
the fire pit can also be used as a barbecue.

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Ø3000 H480 mm


Accessories, sold separately: Stainless steel barbecue grill, Glass fire screen, Cordura nylon cover.

Product supplied in an assembly kit, complete with assembly instructions.


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