An outdoor wood-burning fireplace, a nest in which to seek refuge, enjoying the warmth of the fire: the eccentric dance of the flame slowly becomes the silent glow of embers.
A sweet warmth that comforts your guests.

Zero is a wood-burning outdoor fire pit designed for special outdoor moments.
Design and art come together, depicting fire with style.
An outdoor fireplace, simple in its shape with a generous and strong character.
Zero enhances the space that surrounds it, offering strong emotions, warmth and hospitality.
Not only a fire pit, but also a wood storage: if not operating, it can become a useful supporting surface.
A unique object, with a timeless flavour.


Top: Brushed aluminium.
Structure: Stainless steel.
Finish: Brushed.


Top: Aluminium.
Structure: Steel.
Finish: Black aluminium.


Top: Antique wood, recovered and treated.
Structure: Steel.
Finish: Oxidised.


Top: Obtained from melted iron, finished with handcrafted techniques.
Material: Corten steel frame.
Finish: Iron, Iron brown.


Supplied with closing top, useful for isolating combustion residue.
With the dedicated stainless steel grill kit (sold separately)
the fire pit can also be used as a barbecue.

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Zero_texture collection


Small           Ø1500 H400 mm
Medium      Ø2000 H400 mm
Large           Ø3000 H400 mm


Accessories sold separately: Stainless steel barbecue grill, Glass fire screen, Cordura nylon cover.

Product supplied in an assembly kit, complete with assembly instructions.


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Zero texture collection – download datasheet

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