Curious and dynamic, rather mischievous, it doesn’t like to stay still - it dives into the sand, among the rocks, hides in its enclosure or rises up, ready to be lit.
A perfect combination of simplicity and efficiency.

Discolo is an outdoor wood burning fire pit.
Flexibility of use and restrained size are its main features.
With its convenient accessories (grill kit, tripod & carry bag), Discolo allows you to have a fire pit or bbq wherever you like, creating striking atmospheres anywhere.


> Ø1200 H180 mm
> Fire bowl: Corten steel*
> Tripod: Galvanised steel


With the dedicated stainless steel grill kit (sold separately), the fire pit can also be used as a barbecue.


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> Ø1200 H180 mm
> Weight 50 kg approx.
> Packaging 130×130 H22 cm


Accessories sold separately:
Tripod, Stainless steel barbecue grill, Carry bag.


* The Corten steel is supplied in its natural state (blue/black).
The surface has not yet developed the typical protective patina, this patina only develops under natural weathering conditions.
The duration of the oxidation process will then depend on exposure to atmospheric agents.
At the end of the natural cycle of maturation, the corten steel reaches the characteristic dark brown shade.


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